History of the FVMA

Genesis of the Florida Vegetation Management Association

The foundation for the FVMA began in early 1999 when Andy Lewis and Tracy Maxwell were discussing a forum for the training and continuing education credits for herbicide applicators.  Prior to this time Walter Dykes of Florida Power Corporation sponsored an annual training event for individuals applying herbicides, ambulance primarily for FPC, cialis in Bartow, pilule Florida.  Due to a change in Walter’s job responsibilities this annual meeting would cease to exist.  Andy and I talked about taking the event over and implementing some changes.  We met with Walter and discussed our ideas and said that we would continue the meetings, thus the genesis of the Florida Vegetation Management Association.

Our mission would be twofold:

To provide training for applicators in practical field skills and to earn their continuing education credits to meet the state licensing requirements and

To provide an educational forum for supervisors and managers to learn about regulations, new chemistry, vegetation management programs and other developments that could enhance their existing programs.

Initially our program model would be based upon providing information on the implementation and management of comprehensive vegetation maintenance programs and training, hopefully with some hands-on, for the field applicators.  As our ideas evolved, we wanted the meetings to be held prior to spray season so that the field applicators could obtain some practical skills and useful knowledge that could be directly put to use.  It was also important to accomplish this phase in a single day to lessen any financial impact on their employer.  As could be expected, all presentations on that day were to be focused on the needs of the field applicators.  The second day was to be dedicated to the supervisors and managers and focused on more technical and managerial issues.

We also wanted to provide our sponsors with the opportunity to highlight developments in their particular areas and time to interact with meeting participants.

Our first annual meeting was held in Gainesville with a combination of field demonstrations in the morning and a series of educational presentations in the afternoon of the first day.  The evening of the first day was an informal social meet and greet for sponsors and managers. The second day focused on presentations for supervisors and managers as well as product updates by our sponsors.